Hotel Policy

Check in time: 15:00 Check out time: 13:00.

In development of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2011, the hotel warns the GUEST that the exploitation and abuse of minors in the country, are punished criminally and civilly in accordance with existing laws.
I agree to leave the room on the date of departure mentioned in this registration card.

In the case of not voluntarily vacating it, the Hotel has the right to vacate the room and deposit the luggage at my order, as soon as the room is needed by the HOTEL for a confirmed reservation.

The HOTEL has the right to charge me daily for my room and consumption, and it is also at its sole discretion to grant me credit or not for charges incurred during my stay.

In the event that I do not cancel my outstanding obligations, the HOTEL has the right to vacate the room and to place my luggage on hold and require me to vacate the room. In the event that I do not voluntarily vacate the room, the HOTEL has the right to vacate the room and place my luggage at my disposal.

I receive the room, minibar, equipment and furniture in it under the conditions agreed upon prior to my reservation. The HOTEL has the right to charge or debit my account for all concepts caused by damage or loss caused by me or any companion who is with me during the time I am staying.
The hotel reserves the right to charge or not charge for additional companions and related fees at its discretion.

In the event of damage or loss to the room key card, I assume payment of $20,000, charged to my account.

The hotel reserves the right, at its discretion, to admit guests and to charge them for the maximum number of persons staying with me. Any companion entering my room must identify himself/herself properly with his/her valid document in the country and it is my strict responsibility his/her admition, stay and invitation.

The HOTEL offers continental breakfast service and it is the one I accept according to my signature on this registration card. Any product not specified there I must pay it according to its value.

The cost of the products of the minibar inside the room is not part of the accommodation fee, nor is it included in my stay. I must pay it or be charged to my account. I accept and abide by the instructions given by the hotel upon my arrival and will not disturb the stay of other guests.

The HOTEL does not authorize the use of the swimming pool, and areas corresponding to the 11th floor, terrace, outside the established hours (8AM to 8PM). No intoxicating beverages are allowed inside the pool.

I authorize the HOTEL to send information to my e-mail.