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Update on local covid restrictions

Medellin is now open to visitors from around the world! Our front-line workers along with other government officials are working tirelessly to ensure you have a healthy and undisturbed experience at our home. If you are planning on visiting us, here are the latest updates from the Health Department for you to keep in mind. We request 100% cooperation with our protocols; this is in your best interest and of the loved ones around you from across the world!
Arrive a minimum of 2 hours early to undergo security checks and other biosafety protocols.

  • Please install the ‘Corona’ app and update it with your health status. You will be requested to produce it at the airport upon arrival.
  • Proceed with a virtual check-in and obtain your digital boarding pass.
  • Please cooperate with the mandatory temperature checks and disinfection.
  • Use only the demarcated seats in the airport.
  • Ensure you are in the best of health before travelling.